Written by Jenny Green, Creative Head

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, I thought I’d shine a light on some of the super talented creative females out there. There are so many amazing women doing amazing things, but here are a few that I have either been inspired by, been lucky enough to work with, or just fangirl on Instagram. 

Mary Hemingway 

Mary is designer and illustrator and in 2020 set up an Instagram account called @designbywomen_. The purpose of this Instagram account was to showcase some of the incredible work by female creatives in the UK. She now has over 22,000 followers and has done such an amazing job of showing the world how many talented women there are out there.



We Are Outspoken

This is an amazing Instagram account started by 3 Midlands-based female creatives called Charlotte, Emily and Bethan. They use the account to support and empower other creatives in the industry. They’ve done everything from book crits during quarantine, offering portfolio tips, sharing job vacancies and generally speaking openly about what it’s like day-to-day to be a female in the creative industry. Such a great account and such talented women!



Abbie Reilly

Abbie is Birmingham-based illustrator who I had the pleasure of working with at the end of last year on our agency Christmas Card. Her style is so unique and she creates some seriously beautiful illustrations, and she also has one pretty cool website 



Talia White

Talia is a UK based photographer and someone who I worked with right at the start of both of our careers. Since then I’ve watched her grow on social media to become the most amazing fashion photographer out there. She’s shot countless celebs and for some major fashion brands, all whilst raising her daughter. 



Nique (& all the other women at Hard As Nails Studio) 

Being a female creative isn’t just restricted to the marketing industry. Nique and the rest of the girls at Hard As Nails studio based in the Jewellery Quarter are some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. They are a nail-art studio, and every time I go there I’m amazed at how they can create such masterpieces – on your fingernails. They are true artists and so lovely too. So when they’re allowed to open again, book immediately and I guarantee you’ll leave there feeling inspired.