It is seventeen years since “Grrr”, the Honda advert for a greener, more environmentally-friendly diesel engine, bagged every advertising gong going. You remember the ad, right? With the catchy whistling and the engine flying across a magical animal-packed CGI planet that looked like ‘Liberace’s golf course’?

Since then, things have changed quite a bit; you won’t see many ads for environmentally friendly diesel engines these days. Yet sustainability more broadly has gone from a couple of lines at the bottom of annual reports to the top of the agenda in boardrooms across the globe. 


Planet-centric thinking is now the norm. As individuals and organisations become more aware of their impact on the planet, advertising has had a key role in starting conversations, shaping the message and sharing the stories of the organisations that are working to make a change.


At Chapter, we’re supporting each and every one of our clients with their sustainability work in a whole host of different ways. Through these partnerships, our expertise and experience in sustainability is growing by the day. 

We have recently worked with Amtico in branding and launching their internal sustainability strategy. Alongside their team, we created the entire ‘Impact’ identity you see here and a suite of assets from launch film to wall vinyls that have helped get the whole business onboard.

For Halfords, a client we’ve been working with for almost ten years, we’re providing ongoing strategic and creative support as they evolve with the changing world of sustainable transportation and e-mobility. 

With Calor, we have been working to position and promote renewable fuels as they move towards the ambitious goal of providing all their customers with sustainable energy by 2040.

And with Jewson we have been building product brands that make it much easier for builders to create more sustainable, more comfortable homes.

We are also working with the Soil Association to support their work in promoting organic practices. Organic is a ready-made solution to many of the issues facing our planet and we’re delighted to be helping this leading organisation further their message. 


It’s abundantly clear that sustainability is more than a trend. It’s fundamental to the approach of all of the organisations we work with. Every credible brand around has recognised that they have a part to play. This is not because their customers demand it but because they recognise that, for their business to have a future, that future must be greener. 


As an agency, with the support of MISSION, we are becoming more sustainable ourselves, cutting waste wherever possible, sharing best practices for hybrid working and building towards ISO certification. 


Hopefully, eventually, we’ll be able to stop talking about sustainability. Not because the planet will have been saved by advertising but because sustainable practices will have become so commonplace, so widespread, that they won’t be worth shouting about. 


We’ll all be whistling to the same tune on our own magical, animal-packed planet. A planet that doesn’t look like Liberace’s golf course and just looks pretty much like it does now.


Until then, at Chapter we’ll be doing all we can to help tell the stories of those that are stepping up for the planet and putting their best, reduced carbon footprint forward.