Here’s a little glimpse into some of what inspires our Closeness and Understanding.​

Posted 31st Oct @ 16:00 PM

It’s the annual Secret Satan gift giving here today. There’s no better gift than the gift of suspense.

Posted 16th Sep @ 10:27 AM

Week 1, Round 1 of the Bake Off this week. And the standard is high. #bakeoff

Posted 10th Sep @ 13:26 PM

One of our designers, @liam_basford, is on a one man mission to get the people of Birmingham playing Korfball. ‘What is Korfball?’ we hear you cry! Here’s a quick rundown and how to get involved. @BrumCityKorf

Posted 20th Aug @ 18:47 PM

Chapter Run Club is literally up and running.

Posted 12th Jul @ 11:56 AM

At the Purple Palace.

Posted 3rd Jul @ 20:20 PM

Another day down. In some cases literally. @sic0x

Posted 2nd Jul @ 20:21 PM

Day 1 shoot done. 4 to go.

Posted 24th Jun @ 13:44 PM

Some good news to start the week. We’ve won @LightwaveRF, one of the market leaders in Smart Home technology. Read more here:

Posted 19th Jun @ 10:18 AM

Big congrats to our Laurie who received his MIPA certificate from @The_IPA this morning. #AskHimAnything

Posted 8th Jun @ 11:44 AM

One of our art directors @jennygreen1104 made it into the @LWDBrum ‘She Speaks The Truth’ exhibition. It’s on until the 20th June so check it out.