Virgin Trains came to us looking for help on how to get their staff on-board, and be amazing and unique.

Advertising agency work for Virgin Trains

Our work with Virgin Trains has been a long and amazing journey.

Working with them since 2013, we have helped them to define and embed their brand purpose and brand values - up and down both the West Coast and the East Coast lines.

We’ve engaged staff to ensure their behaviours bring the values to life and shine through every day. We’ve helped them to recruit new staff and encourage, support and celebrate their existing teams. Our work has included brand strategy, a new internal creative identity, internal engagement and the roll-out of creative comms.

The ‘brand values and behaviour sharing’ site we developed for them attracted 961 Users and 1,008 Stories in its first 6 months – increasing social interaction and quality conversations across the business.

The success of our work with Virgin Trains West Coast led to us winning Virgin Trains East Coast. A similar brief but with its own very specific requirements, which has led to an incredibly strong working relationship across both train lines, and has continued with LNER.