We took equity crowdfunding website Crowdcube, and helped make it the biggest and best in the world. 

We began working with Crowdcube back in 2014, when it had 70,000 members.

As well as creating the logo, we also created the brand proposition. 'Inspiring Investment' not only stood for all the amazing opportunities that Crowdcube offered investors, but the role that Crowdcube played in revolutionising crowdfunding in the UK, and later the world!

In 2015 we created a brand campaign aimed at acquiring new members. It ran across the country, as well as a complete takeover of the Central Line and Bank Station.

Not only did we work with Crowdcube, but also with start-up businesses such as Camden Brewery, Just Park, Wise Alpha, and Rollasole, as well as the investors themselves.

6 years on, Crowdcube now has over 700,000 members, has raised close to £700m and successfully funded over 800 businesses.