What we say, and how we say it, can have a long-lasting impression on a brand and its customers.

What we say and write arguably matters more than ever. And never has the phrase 'more than ever' ever been used more often. As we remain further apart, how we communicate becomes even more important when thinking about consumers.

Over the years, we've helped brands big and small create and implement their own voice for both customers and for an internal audience. No matter how you speak, one thing that runs through all great communications is a sense of authenticity - without which people won't listen and switch off. Here are just a few examples of how we've brought out this authenticity in some of the brands we work with...

How do you turn the workforce of a former state-run train company into the embodiment of one of the most well-known and irreverent brands in the world? That was our challenge when we set about creating the internal communications for both Virgin East Coast and West Coast. We helped them talk a fine-line of professionalism, pride and fun to bring their staff on the journey to amazing and beyond.

As Jewson's through-the-line agency, we cover a whole range of offerings and products, but everything we say or write comes from the same place. This ensures no matter what the messaging, the authenticity of Jewson always comes through, and talks to its very specific consumer in a way they understand and that understands them.

When you are dealing with the welfare of employees, you need to embody a caring, authoritative tone that not only puts people at ease but also reassures them in times of difficulty. That's exactly what we created for BHSF Rise, the most comprehensive employee resilience programme on the market.

As well as our own expertise, we can now provide even deeper insights into the behaviour of consumers through our new sister agency InnovationBubble - a specialist group of consumer, business, neuro and behavioural psychologists who, using their extensive commercial experience working with clients, uncover the non-conscious and bring both understanding and interventions in terms of audience engagement.

In a world where customers and staff judge you on your actions, standing by your words takes on a whole new level of meaning and complexity. Nowadays what we say and write as a brand never goes away, and can take on a life of its own. Getting it wrong can be costly. Getting it right can be transformative.

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